Holistic Catalysts Option

An innovative concept is being promoted by EdifyOnline whereby teachers and students take priority over bureaucratic burdens. This concept aligns with the ambitious vision of the NEP 2020 Policy that puts teachers and students at the center.

An MoU between Indian and International institutions is not needed until after common objectives are socialized within Indian institutions, its faculty, and students with the help of indigenous “Catalysts”.

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Indian NEP 2020 Policy driven by Catalysts

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The NEP 2020 Policy and the Indian University Grant Commission (UGC) Guidelines of July 2021 both emphasize teachers and students to be internationally competitive, essentially directing the efforts of higher education institutions (HEI) toward internationalizing higher education (IHE).

The partnership between EdifyOnline and the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) aims at facilitating the implementation of the IHE. The partnership plans to collaborate on simple holistic concepts to inspire Indian faculty to work with international academic talent to become aware of international standards and transform into indigenous “Catalysts” for their institutions to participate in the mission of internationalizing Indian higher education.

"Need of Catalysts for Implementing UGC Guidelines of July 2021", proposed to UGC by EdifyOnline on August 15, 2022.